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CTP Claims for Pedestrians

Have you been involved in a road accident? Are you considering a CTP claim? CTP Claims Lawyers will help you make a successful CTP claim that gets you the injury compensation you deserve. For additional information, call 1800 259 529.

Before you lodge a CTP claim. Find out how we can assist you!

CTP claims we deal with:

Lawyers that handle CTP claims are experts in handling traffic accident cases. When it comes to negotiating with insurance, our CTP Claims team has decades of experience. So, no matter where your accident occurred, we can help.

Car accidents

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Motorcycle accidents

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Should I engage a CTP Lawyer to file a CTP claim?

Motorcycle accident often have features that are different to other road accidents. Motorcyclists can leverage take advantage of a lawyer's expertise in motorcycle accidents right from the time of lodging a CTP claim with the CTP insurer. The claim is a formal document and mistakes and admissions can adversely affect the claim outcome. Utilising an experienced CTP claims lawyer with particular expertise in motorcycle accidents avoids errors and delay. Navigating the claims process also demands expertise. It is vital for motorcyclists to have an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side.

If you decide to lodge your own motorcycle accident claim remember to do the following:

  • Stay ahead of the process and the CTP insurer. Triple check to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Insurers will look for every inconsistency to damage your case. .

  • If you disagree with an insurer, tell them clearly why they are mistaken. Bolster your arguments with well reasoned reports from expert medical specialists.

  • Make sure your claim for the value of the care from family members and friends is well-documented. Insurers are suspicious about the time spent by carers doing household and other tasks that they have to pay for at market rates.

  • The claim for loss of future earning capacity is usually the most important component of an injury claim. Don't under estimate your future income loss even if you were not working at the date of accident. Other entitlements include: General Damages or Pain Suffering, Loss of Superannuation Benefits, Medical Costs, Paid Care , Future unpaid care etc.

CTP Claims Lawyers has successfully concluded a large number of motorcycle accident cases on a "No Win. No Fee" basis. Our fees are competitively lower than those of many other plaintiff personal injury firms due to our efficient approach, smaller overhead, and extensive experience. Your rights in relation to motor cycle accidents in Queensland include engaging a CTP Claims Lawyer who:

  • is a CTP claim expert.
  • has a proven track record of obtaining excellent outcomes for motorcycle accident compensation claims.
  • conducts claims for an early case resolution and settlement.
  • has decades of CTP claim expertise in motorcycle accidents.

Our CTP Claims Lawyers can answer any questions you have about the claims process, the approach to the conduct of CTP claims and the experience in ensuring people like you get the most compensation your circumstances warrant. Call us on 1300 529 529 or email us today.


Make insurance or compulsory third party insurance (CTP) claim

In Queensland, motor vehicles are required to have compulsory third party insurance (CTP). Your CTP Claims Lawyer will initiate your claim with your insurer or the at-fault party’s motor vehicle insurer.


Contact us to set up your no-obligation initial appointment.

At the initial consultation, your CTP Claims Lawyers will get more details on your situation and then investigate insurance coverage. Our CTP Claims Lawyers also explain our client and 'No Win No Fee agreement'.


Investigation & gathering evidence

The CTP Claims Lawyers will meticulously examine all the contributing factors to determine the cause of your accident while you recover from your injuries.

After that, we’ll brief medical specialists to examine you and provide expert evidence reports. From those reports, Your CTP Claims Lawyers will assess the fair compensation that the insurer must pay for how the injury has impacted you and your family at work and at home.


Attendance at informal settlement meeting

Our CTP Claims Lawyers will also formulate your damages demand and appoint an out of court meeting to negotiate the resolution of your claim settlement.


Case settled or court proceedings

Statistically, more than 97% of compensation claims are settled out of court. In many cases, the claim is resolved successfully during the informal settlement meeting, and you will receive compensation to which you are entitled.

In rare cases, if your claim has not been resolved at this stage, Our CTP Claims Lawyers will file proceedings in court to get you the compensation to which you are entitled according to law.

Frequently asked Questions about Lodging a CTP Claim

It all depends on the proportion of liability attributable to the at-fault driver, the extent of your injury and the quality of your evidence.

Someone whose injury has had a significant effect on their quality of life (work, psychological, physical) is entitled to greater compensation than someone whose injury has had a minor impact on their lives.

General Damages

General damages were intended to compensate you for the pain and suffering you have endured and will endure in the future as a result of your injuries, as well as any permanent disability you're likely to suffer.

General damages awarded in Queensland have been set at artificially low sums and can be quite trivial in comparison to other States. The most serious injuries such as quadriplegia are awarded around $150,000 and some reasonably serious back injuries are restricted to just $10,000.

Special Damages

These include:

  • Expenses paid or incurred by you, including medical and pharmaceutical.
  • Expenses paid by others. Some of these amounts are required to be collected from the at-fault party and paid back to Medicare, Comcare, WorkCover, DVA, public hospitals and private health funds.
Past Income Loss

You are entitled to claim for any income you have lost as a result of the incident. If you weren't currently working and the injuries prevented you from looking for work or caused you to turn down job opportunities, you may also be able to claim for those situations.

Future Income Loss

You are entitled to be compensated for any future economic loss you may incur as a consequence of your injuries. If your injuries have resulted in some permanent disability – even to a small extent – you may be at risk of loss of wages in the future.

People who continue to work full-time can still recover future income loss on the basis they are at risk on the labour market when compared to able-bodied job applicants.

Domestic Assistance (paid and unpaid)

Domestic assistance you receive from friends, family members or care professionals following an accident is compensable in many cases – even if you don't pay for it. It's important to keep detailed records of any assistance you get from other people if you intend to claim domestic assistance.

For more information on how much compensation you will receive, contact our CTP claims Lawyers and we help you today.

To assist your CTP claims lawyer with the investigation, it is important to try to do the following:

  • At the accident scene, if possible
    • Make notes of your recollection of all events relevant to the accident
    • Record names and addresses of witnesses
    • Take photos and video of the place where you were injured. “A picture tells a thousand words”. Sketches are also helpful
    • Take photos and video of any product, equipment or object that injured you
    • Take photos of your injuries
    • Keep any defective product which caused an injury
  • After the accident
    • Keep details of your absences from work caused by the injury
    • Make a list of visits to doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors etc for treatment and follow-up visits
    • Keep all invoices and receipts for medical, chemist etc expenses
    • Record details of assistance provided by friends and family members
    • Collect contractual records
    • Collect documents showing your loss of earnings and earning capacity including wage slips, group certificates, income tax returns (for 6 years prior to the accident and each year after), references and resumes

If you're unsure where to start, get in touch with our CTP Claims Lawyers today and we can assist you.

Whether your claim is worthwhile depends on the seriousness of your injury and how that affects your employment and lifestyle.

There are some claims that are not worthwhile such as those for trivial injuries, where there is no insurer or the party at fault does not demonstrate significant assets against which a judgment can be enforced.

If you are not sure if your compensation claim is worthwhile please contact us and we will help assess your needs and eligibility for our no-win no-fee service.

CTP Claims Lawyers offers specially tailored services in connection with severe brain injury and spinal injury accidents for children and adults to help formulate comprehensive loss statements that include individualised damages components that make up multi-million dollar claims.

We understand how stressful it is to be involved in a car accident or other form of transportation accident. If your CTP claim is accepted, you may be eligible for substantial compensation if you have been injured.

By submitting a CTP claim, you will begin the process of receiving the necessary compensation to help you get your life back on track and receive the treatment you need.

Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance covers all people injured in motor vehicles accidents. Under the CTP scheme, you may file a claim if you are:

  • A motorist or passenger who has been injured in an accident;
  • Vehicle-inflicted injuries to a pedestrian or cyclist;
  • A motorcycle rider who was struck by a vehicle;
  • a driver or passenger who has been hurt in a public transportation accident;
  • If your child gets wounded in a traffic or transportation accident;
  • If you witness a motor vehicle accident fatality;
  • A road or public transit accident that results in a worker's injury during work-related travel or commute.

If you're not sure if your accident is on this list, contact us for a free consultation to find out. Remember that this type of claim is subject to strict time limits, so it's crucial to speak to a CTP claim lawyer as soon as possible.

In most cases, car accident claims are resolved before any court proceedings with a personal injury settlement. However, if your claim does go to trial, you may only need to attend if your presence is required to determine the outcome of the case.

In some cases eg interim applications for payment of rehabilitation expenses, your CTP Claims Lawyers may be able to attend on your behalf.

After you've submitted the CTP claim, the insurer will decide whether they'll accept or deny fault. It varies from case to case but it is important to note that finalising a claim too fast may be detrimental as the assessment of all your losses may not be assessable during the early stages.

Also, some claims may take a little longer for several reasons:

  • Your injuries are too early to determine, a stabilisation period may be in effect.
  • There may be instances where there are difficulties in negotiations between the insurer and our car accident lawyers.
  • There are delays in the court process.

Every claim is unique and can have its own difficulties and complexities. We ensure you get the best outcome and receive the compensation to which you're entitled in accordance with the law. Give our CTP Claims Lawyers a call today.

If you are a passenger of a motor vehicle accident and you sustained any injuries, please speak to car accident lawyers and see if you have a case. In most cases, you will have a good claim for the injuries sustained.

Call or email today to get expert advice from the car accident lawyers injury experts at CTP Claims Lawyers.

What documents/information do you need to file a CTP claim?

Details of the motor vehicle accident

Contact details for all drivers involved in the accident as well as those of eye-witnesses and passengers are needed. And details of all vehicles and their registration are must.

Make sure you know the accident's date, time, and its precise location. You also need a description of how it occurred, know what you were doing eg waiting to turn, at the moment of contact. Photographs of the scene are not mandatory but can be very useful in many cases.

Medical certificates / reports details

Go to a doctor within the first few days after the accident. The doctor may not be able to do any more than recommend rest and pain killers, but each visit helps create a record that will be useful later.

Make sure your report to the doctor even ordinary things like headaches, dizziness, nausea, stiffness and pain. You should return to the doctor regularly even if there is no real assistance that he or she can provide. It is also important to report any emotional or psychological injuries as a result of the accident.

Your work history

Details of your work history as far back as six years is needed. Compensation for loss of earning capacity in the future is often dependent on the consistency of a person's pre-accident employment history.

The date on which you last worked on the date when you expect to be able to return to work are also needed.

Your medical history

Details of your medical history, prior injuries and any pre-existing medical illnesses as far as you can remember except for trivial things like flu and colds – are required.

Prior claim details

Details of your previous injury compensation, workers compensation, income protection and Centrelink claims are required to be disclosed including the result of the claim and the identity of any insurance company that paid any compensation to you.

Self-employment details

If you are self-employed you will need to provide particulars of your business's revenue and expenses together with contact details for your accountant so the CTP insurer can verify same.

What fees do you pay a solicitor for lodging a CTP claim?

CTP Claims Lawyers' No-Win No-Fee terms affords fairness to those seeking compensation for personal injury including loss of income and future loss of income earning capacity. No-Win No-Fee - sometimes called "no-win, no-charge" and "no-win no-pay," allows legal representation to a level equivalent to that of the insurance company trying to prevent a fair compensation payout. Essentially No-Win No-Fee terms provide that fees and case expenses are only payable when the claim is finalised and only if it is successful.

  • Our 'No Win No Fee' covers:

  • Court Filing Fees

  • Medical specialist consultation & report fees

  • Medical records collection fees

  • Expert report fees

  • Claim investigation

  • Barristers

  • Document production

  • Police Report Fees

  • Government agency search fees

  • Freight & courier

  • Office charges


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